You've pressed this button because you need help.  For the purposes of this page, we're going to assume mathematically.


So, here's your options:

  • Go to one of our help sessions (the times are in the box on the right).

  • Email one of our utterly fantastic lecturers.  Our email addresses are here!

  • Come along to F202 and ask either me or Peter.  We'll probably help you.  Don't get me wrong, if either of us are asleep or if the stress of it all has gotten too much for us you might get shooed away but, odds are, we'll be able to help a bit.

But, if you are struggling, speak to one of us before you get 3% in your exam.  Otherwise, we'll just need to go through this whole thing again next year when you're resitting the subject.

2017/18 Block 2
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Wed 7:30am - 8:30am FG13
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Thu 7:30am - 8:30am FG13
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